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About us

Welcome to the official website of «Pipeline Coating and Technologies» LLC!

«Pipeline Coating and Technologies» LLC is a modern forward-looking plant in Russia for external concrete weight coating production, equipped with up-to-date high tech production equipment. The Company started its path on 25.11.2013.

Our mission is to become for major global consumers a priority supplier of high quality product in the field of pipeline ballasting.

Our goal is:

innovative solutions at each production stage;
 — high level of automation;
 — engaging leading industry specialists;
 — consistent quality of the product.

Up-to-date equipment of the plant enables to produce high quality products. The technology used suggests coating application by «impingement» process, as the most advanced currently and unique to the territory of the Russian Federation. This technology makes it possible to apply external concrete weight coating reinforced with metal cage, wire mesh, or integrated reinforcement.

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