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Quality Control of the Product

Laboratory is an advanced organization unit of «Pipeline Coating and Technologies» LLC. Its main area of activity is laboratory testing, which is of utmost importance in the concrete weigh application process when coating the pipes. 

Laboratory Testing Center involves checking the conformity of activities performed to design requirements and technical regulations. All tests are carried out by qualified personnel in strict compliance with applicable standards, with the use of advanced certified equipment.

To assure product quality, laboratory personnel of «Pipeline Coating and Technologies» LLC perform incoming and in-process inspection of applied aggregates and finished concrete mix, carry out final checking of the works performed, and issue statements of conformity. 

The laboratory is equipped with various high-technology devices for fast and proper verification of manufactured product compliance with applicable regulations and specifications. 

Laboratory staff includes personnel with higher professional education and work experience in all kinds of testing. We continuously improve the quality of our performance, so our employees undergo annual advanced training and take part in different seminars.

Test results validity is the keynote therein.

As part of providing outsourcing services, the following is carried out at «Pipeline Coating and Technologies» laboratory:

Verification of specified mix properties to comply with project requirements and quality document;

Making of concrete mix test samples for laboratory testing;

Storing of samples in moist chamber until the actual testing is done.

Concrete Quality Control

Strength testing, checking water absorption and density of cubic samples;

Taking core samples from the structure and testing them for strength, water absorption, and density. 

Laboratory control of concrete mix includes the following testing:

Workability of concrete mix;

Specific gravity of concrete mix;

Temperature of concrete mix;

Concrete density;

Concrete moisture content; 

Aggregates testing:

Moisture content;

Water absorption;

Grain size distribution;

Bulk and true density;

Specific gravity;

Flour, silt, and clay particles content in sand;

Clay lumps content;

Split grains content;

Flaky and needle-shaped grains content;

Walling Material Testing:

Brick moisture content;

Brick bending and compressive strength;

Brick appearance and dimensions;

Specific gravity.

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