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  • 7-03-2019, 09:08

March 8 International Women's Day

  Уважаемые коллеги, поздравляем вас с 8 марта! Желаем прекрасного настроения, много улыбок и крепкого здоровья. Пусть работа дает ожидаемые результаты, чтобы все получалось легко и без препятствий....

  • 28-12-2018, 16:00

Award from Nord Stream 2 AG

The absolute advantage of Pipeline Сoating and Technologies LLC production site is the participation in the international project Nord Stream 2....

  • 24-09-2018, 15:56

Turk Stream CWC Pipes Shipment Part 1

21.09.2018 Turk Stream project CWC (Concrete Weight Coated) pipes produced by Pipeline Coating and Technologies LLC shipment is completed. The vessel is heading to the port of Varna, Bulgaria...

  • 13-08-2018, 14:19

Nord Stream 2 CWC Pipes Shipment Completed

10.08.2018 Pipeline Coating and Technologies completed the shipment of CWC (Concrete Weight Coated) pipes for Nord Stream 2 project. The total volume of delivery to the construction site was more...

  • 10-08-2018, 13:53

ISO 14001: 2015 Standard Compliance

Once again, the environmental management system of Pipeline Coating and Technologies LLC has been tested and found to meet the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 for the development, production and...

  • 19-07-2018, 17:17

Turk Stream CWC Pipes Production Start

In July 19, 2018 Pipeline Coating and Technologies LLC started production of CWС (Concrete Weight Coating) with 50 mm thickness for Turk Stream project 813х39 mm diameter steel pipes...